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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 14:19

How to drive your own bus in the direction of your dreams

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A true story. For the past seven days my mother and I have been travelling from Swift Current to British Columbia and soon heading back again.

The seed for this trip was planted in January 2016.
It was a rush to get ready for the trip. Wash clothes, pack bags, bring those extra “just-in-case” items. Try to get a whack of work done for The KIVA Studio and my counselling business finished up before we depart.
We didn’t have a planned schedule or a definite “date of arrival”. We knew the day we were leaving and the day we needed to be back home.
It has been a brilliant “go with the flow” — “should we turn left or right today?” holiday.  Some days, we didn’t turn at all, but watched life swirl and float by in its beauty as we nurtured the stillness and deep rest within us.
At the moment, I am sitting on my Uncle’s deck on Hornby Island and I am greeting the sun. It is early. I am facing the ocean and the sun awakens and shines herself overtop of the mountaintop and greets my face with a brilliant “Hello”.
Small birds sing and greet mother sun in return.
A family of ducks splish-splash in the water; as they bathe and baptize in the water-and-sun martini of life.
Rock on water. Coral on feet. Kelp and moss. Drift wood and giant logs. Tide in. Tide out. Water christened by the sun. Sun christened by the Gods. All of the universe calling us to live deep full, deep abundant lives.
To live deep full abundant lives does not mean “go fast and furious.” The sun in her gentle stillness takes a whole 24 hours to return. The hummingbird wings move rapidly, yet she floats in freeze-frame at an early morning flower greeting. Hummingbird speed and yet great clarity and precision to stop, look, and see the beauty of each flower; and receive from the flower in return. Our two-legged world is programmed for fast and furious. Yet the mother-nature world is inviting us to choose something different.
My uncle said something interesting yesterday as we were driving back home from a hike in the woods. I was sitting in the passenger seat and my uncle was driving. I commented how I didn’t notice some of these beautiful homes when we were driving in yesterday. How could I miss them, I wondered, when they are so beautiful?
“You miss a lot from a trip when you are driving,” he replies. “Drivers have to focus on the road and are trying to make sure that they don’t miss the turn.”
It makes me wonder at this moment, as I sit in the sun looking out at the ocean: “how to be aware and awake to enjoy the beauty and magic that is all around; all the while driving your own bus?”
What would it take to get our heads out of our cellphones and off of our to-do lists to be able to see the beauty all around? When we let go of agenda we step into possibility and infinite potential. When we let go of agenda our choices expand.
What would it take to be awake and aware and in action at the same time? What would it take to drive your own bus in the direction of your dreams and choose freely to stop, look and see from the sidelines once in a while?
The invitation: Here are some more wonderings for you. May they inspire you to drive your own bus with ease and awareness in the direction of your dreams.
What energy space and consciousness can my body and I be to welcome stillness and rest and support with total ease?
What can I choose today that would create more awareness right away?
Sometimes the simplest offerings have the most profound results. I could have chosen to drive to our hike yesterday; and then possibly missed out on even more beauty. Yet I chose to welcome support and have my uncle drive our vehicle. It was easy. The support was natural. I was able to sit in the passenger seat, let go of directions, unplug my Google maps and simply be.
Choice is the medicine. I choose to drive my own bus; with awareness, clarity and ease. Here is my pledge to myself; inspired by nature:
I choose to be the sun: making stillness, support and sacredness a priority.
I choose to be the water: saying yes to what expands my life and feels yummy.
I choose to be the rock: saying no to what limits and contracts my life and my awesomeness.
I choose to be the hummingbird: fast and powerful and making decisions with precision to reach her target.
The Prologue:
Head on over to my blog or email me your thoughts, feedback and possibilities. If you could drive your own bus in the direction of your dreams ... what would you choose today?  I will read every e-mail and reply to every wondering. How does it get any better than that®?
(*Note: Today’s questions and wonderings are inspired from my trainings in Access Consciousness®. If you would like to know more about Access Consciousness® contact me or visit:
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