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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 11:50

How a spider interrupted my life and awakened my fierce focus

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This is a true story. It is a Monday, I am sitting on my front step in the sun greeting the morning rays.
My laptop is on my lap. I am writing my article for the Prairie Post.

I usually write my articles outside where I am connected by nature and inspired by the sun.
By the way, I am sitting on my dog’s big, comfy bed on the top step as I lean up against my front door.
I am in the creative flow and the words are oozing out of me. Then in a flicker of a moment, my flow and article got sideswiped by a spider. It’s true.
I hear a small scurrying of sounds beside me, as I am sitting on my front step. A huge spider is whirling and swirling and spitting away as he builds his web. I am so close to this web I can hear his little legs working away as he weaves and spins and creates. Initially, I am freaked — a smidge. This spider is huge (ok ... not like Brazilian rainforest spider huge, but for Saskatchewan — this one is prairie big).
I stop writing. I am now watching. Mother Nature has brought this side-by-side creative moment to me and I will not miss it. How quickly and rapidly, yet with great precision this spider works and then in a few moments it lifts itself back up to its dwelling in the corner of my front step.
I can now see what I didn’t see before. The web. I had no idea I was sitting right beside this beautiful creation. I imagine this spider has been working here for some time. The web is detailed and looks like a beautiful dream catcher.
The morning rays of light now glisten in its design.
This spider is solitary. It has been creating, building, and dreaming for a long time. The spider has its home — its little nook and dwelling, safe in the corner of the step.
The spider also has its dreams — creatively made in the magic web it weaves.
I see myself now in the spider and the web’s actions. The spider has fierce focus. There is no deterrence from its target.
Build the web. Build the dream. Catch the mosquito. Or something even better than that.
The spider is resting now in its little “den” and patiently waiting for the mosquito to arrive.
With consistent action in the direction of your dreams, you can create great beauty and possibilities. Perhaps the spider desires a mosquito and to his delight he snags both a mosquito and a moth. Go dreamy spider go.
Imagine what you can choose today to create your dreams and desires right away.
Are you prepared to be the spider? Are you ready to have such fierce focus that no matter what is in your way — even if that obstacle is your own self — you will stay committed to you?
What can you add to your life today that can create your dream right away? Perhaps it is time for stillness and deep rest in a safe little corner of your home. Perhaps it is fierce action and making those calls and connections to the people that can support your dreams and contribute to your life. Perhaps it is the willingness to greet the day, let go of control, and be open to receiving from the spider, or the bug, or the new neighbour across the street. Life is full of possibilities. The universe is delivering magic your way every moment of the day. Are you ready to look and see?
PROLOGUE: I am back to writing (this new spider article), and my dog has now joined me on my front step. I put on his leash and he walks out onto the front step, turns to lick my face, and as he turns he bumps into the spider web that was so beautifully created. The web is now damaged and broken, yet the sun still glistens through its beauty. “Oh no ... the web,” I say! Yet in a flicker of a moment — as fast as my dog bumped it — the spider is back whirling and swirling and creating again.
Beauty abounds with consistent action in the direction of your dreams.
Thank you spider for the blessings of this day. Thank you for your fierce focus and commitment to your dreams. Thank you for your deep resting and renewing in the corner of my step. Thank you for never giving up.
INVITATION: Today, I choose to celebrate the spider in me.
Head on over to my blog or email me your thoughts, feedback and possibilities. If you could create the web of your dreams what would you choose? How can you celebrate the spider in you today? I will read every email and reply to every wondering. How does it get any better than that®?
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