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The truth about commitment and the power of distraction

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For the past week I have followed through with my tasks and to-do lists. I have facilitated my fitness classes and private sessions. I have followed up with my emails and connected with my clients. At the same time the deep engine that drives my life was not being nourished.

Sure I was “getting things done,” but I also was distracting myself with other things. For example, I chose to watch almost all the new episodes of The Mindy Project on Netflix. With each episode of distraction there were times when my guilt of “I should be doing “this/that” would pop into my head. “Just one more episode,” my brain would tell my heart. Yet, my heart knew the truth: the distractions were taking me away from my dreams. The distractions limit me from creating and nourishing my awesome life.
Netflix is just an example of distraction, but I have others. I can distract myself with conclusions such as “it will be too hard”, “it will take a long time” — blah blah blah. I can distract myself by creating a new media campaign for my business, rather than develop my business plan. I can choose to create a new program at The KIVA Studio, rather than review my monthly finances.
Does this sound familiar to you? Are you distracted by fun and playful? Do you choose distraction over effort and a week, or two or more go by and you find yourself still dreaming about your dream and have yet to take any action?
So what could I be choosing if I didn’t choose distraction?
I would choose myself. I would choose my dreams. I would take action and surrender the results. I would be getting out of concluding that things are right, or wrong, or good or bad, or this way or that way. I would simply choose. I would choose my dreams again and again.
So here is my proclamation that I am shouting from the rooftops: There is only one of me on this planet, and I am here for a purpose. I am the one who gathers people together and inspires them to live joy-filled freedom-bound awesome, abundant, light-giving bright-shining lives. Now that is a delicious life.
Getting out of the hows and letting go of the conclusions
I have been dreaming of expanding my business, of moving to a bigger studio space, of hiring more staff, and more and more and more. Then my brain clicks in and I am soon out of flow. I start to plan and control the destination. I start to think, “If A, then B, then C.” I start to “control the dream” and come into conclusions of what it has to look like. I forget that there are many ways up the mountain.
And then I remember nothing is linear. There are no straight lines in life unless you are in prison. So get out of your self-created jail and free your life. Step into the possibilities of the dream.
One of the ways I am learning to do that is through Access Consciousness®. I have been studying Access Consciousness® and I am an Access Consciousness® Practitioner and Facilitator. (Note: for more information on Access Consciousness® visit
Access Consciousness® invites us to “stay in the question” and get out of conclusions. The moment we come into a conclusion (which is linear thinking), we limit ourselves from receiving the infinite possibilities of how the dream can show up. The moment I conclude my business needs to move here or there, for example, I am concluding that nothing else is possible.
With that awareness, I am trying to stay out of conclusion by stepping into the infinite possibilities of how a new studio space can show up in my life. Maybe it shows up in me buying a building? Maybe it shows up with an entrepreneur or philanthropist desiring my business and “joie de vivre” in their life? Or something even better than that.
How it shows up is insignificant. That is shows up is profound. I am ready to receive that now please. I am ready to receive the dream now please. I am ready to step into the infinite possibilities of how The KIVA Studio and I can create, receive, generate and actualize even more for the planet now please.
The next step
I am not going to sit and wait for the angels, guides or universe to “bring me the dream.” I am going to show the universe that I am committed to my dreams through choice and action.
I am now off to create my business plan of awesomeness. I am off to create my financial plan for more deliciousness at KIVA. I am off to write that email to a few partners that may be interested in working together. I am turning off Netflix and putting The Mindy Project on hold and turning my dreams back on.
Your invitation: What are your dreams? What distractions are you choosing that put your dreams on hold? What can you add to your life today that can create your dream right away? Let go of the distractions that limit your life and choose to move your dreams forward. Your heart and soul and awesomeness are waiting for you to make a choice. What will you choose today?
Head on over to my blog or email me your thoughts, feedback and distractions. I will read every email and reply to every wondering. How does it get any better than that®?
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