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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 09:28

How to make the team and be a magnet of abundance and delight

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During recess at Oman Elementary School and also in Phys. Ed Class, I remember playing games, choosing teams, and picking sides. We are lining up. There are 2 classmates chosen as “captain”. They now have the power and responsibility to pick their teammates. My heart beats.

My eyes and heart send them the message “pick me”, “pick me”. The line of possible candidates/players thins and I have yet to be chosen. I am pretending not to be nervous. I am trying to act totally “cool” with the fact that I have yet to be picked. Yet I wonder if I am invisible. I worry that no one likes me. Maybe they know that I suck at this game. Then someone calls my name. I have been picked. I start to breathe again and my body fills with air. Relieved I was not “the last one chosen”. So grateful I am on a team.
The game we were playing was irrelevant to me. I didn’t really care if we were playing Dodge Ball, Red Rover, or Go Fish. I simply wanted to be included. Included and received – even if I was a horrible baseball player, had 2-left feet, or preferred to play, create and dream rather than run, throw or climb.
How can we include and receive everyone? And ourselves? Just as they/we are.... without expectation of how to be, what to do... or this way is better, or my way is right... without controlling the other person’s choice or way of being??? But simply allowing them to be themselves, just as they are and include and receive them anyway. This also means allowing myself to be ME, just as I am, and including and receiving all of me anyway. Because we can. Because it feels damn good. Because more is possible when we get out of each other’s and let go of judgment.
Being included is important to me. I have been studying Access Consciousness® for many years and one of their core principles is to “Include Everything And Judge Nothing”. I often run that statement in my mind when I am starting to react, to worry, or to feel like that little girl “waiting to be invited to join a team”, or worried if people will still play with her – even if she is fully herself.
So what would my day be like if I “included everything and judged nothing”®? Including everything – means 100% of EVERYTHING. Including and receiving ALL OF YOU. The bold and beautiful parts and the hidden parts of ourselves that we judge and hold with shame, guilt and blame. It means including and receiving ALL OF THEM as well. The fun and fabulous parts of our friends and families and the parts of them that we also judge and blame and guilt trip all over.
If I let go of the judgment I have of myself and of others – I wonder what freedom and ease would show up in my day? I wonder what other magic and possibilities could emerge in how I see myself, others and the world, if I chose to include everything and judge nothing?
I am ready to play on that team please!
Remembering my childhood experience of “waiting to be chosen for a game/ or picked on a team” is just a memory. However it sings to something of deep value to me – inclusion and being seen – as my authentic self.
If I desire to be included and if I desire to be seen... I have to be ready and willing to be visible. I have to be ready to SHINE as myself – not what I think other people want to see... but who I truly BE!
I have to SHINE all of me – even the dark shadowy bits. I have to welcome and receive all of me – even the parts of me that worry or judge. When we allow ourselves to fully SEE ourselves.... we invite more space to be SEEN and RECEIVED by others. The more we SHINE, the more we allow our full selves to be expressed... the more we are able to be received just as we are – because we are fully livinghow we desire to be  – OUR AUTHENTIC SELF!
Then it truly doesn’t matter who’s team you are on.... or if you get picked.... for you are choosing YOUR OWN TEAM OF YOUR AWESOME DELICIOUS WILD ABUNDANT JOY FILLED AND SOMETIMES WONKY SELF!
The Invitation:
SHINE ON! Be your own team of awesomeness and others will be drawn to your magnetism of delight and desire to play with you too.
Christine Ciona
The Joy Guru
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