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Local author's newest work to be released March 16

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Local author Barbara Olsgard Winquist is looking forward to the release of her new book, 'Tale of an Honest Man', which is set for March 16.


 The suspense / mystery novel follows three friends and two Scandinavian agents who travel the globe in an attempt to stop an ancient cult set on destroying the Christian faith.

“As time rolled along, I felt compelled to bring a message of perpetual truth to the world,” explained Olsgard Winquist. “The gist of the story is a legacy of truth which is betrayed by a serpentine secret government with a mandate to destroy this virtue encapsulated within the ancient Knights Templars and their Christian code.”


The research involved with the writing of the novel was all-consuming for Olsgard Winquist, who was determined to keep her fictitious storyline as historically accurate as possible. Through the use of the internet, libraries, stories from travelers to ancient sites, and television all helped her collect the information necessary to complete her work. For her, the biggest challenge was making time to sit down and write.


“A daily writing goal is not within my schedule at this time,” admitted Olsgard Winquist, who works with the Cypress Health Region. “The most difficult segment in the process is sitting still for such long periods of time, as I am a woman of movement and stationary positions cause me to fidget. The computer is now an extension of my arm.”


Her typical work day may not allow for consistent writing time, but Olsgard Winquist enjoys her daily commute, as it gives her the opportunity for uninterrupted inner dialogue about her stories. Then, she is able to make good use of her days off to write on the computer.


“My life has involved many areas of employment with situations of perpetual motion and hands on work,” she said. “Physical labor in my life has been intertwined with intellectual pursuit and education. The fantastical realm of the written word is glorious, and the imagination has no boundaries. It is a life of creative freedom apart from other service positions. The freedom to set your own pace is a welcome friend at this stage of my life.”


Currently, Olsgard Winquist is working on two new novels - 'The Lazarus Script' and 'A Twisted Penny.' She advises anyone interested in writing their own stories to be patient.


“All persons have a story in their hearts which some unknown writer can fashion into the stylish garment ready for our souls to visualize as a finished tale,” she said. “We have technology with information available instantly. An author’s life can burst full speed ahead or in incremental steps. The key is persistence. Also, do not be afraid to delve into the deep well of knowledge other people can reveal to you.”



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