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Brooks' 13-year-old is surrounded by a classic family

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Brooks' Ine Coetzee, 13, was one of the winners of the instrumental competition of the Medicine Hat Symphonic Society’s Concerto Competition Nov. 30.

Ine is one of four people who will perform with the orchestra come April 27, 2013.
The other winners of the instrumental competition (not ranked, each earning a spot to perform solo with the orchestra on April 27) are Graham Schaufele, piano from Bow Island; Shelby MacPhail, violin from Cypress County and Connor Clark, violin from Cypress County.
However, Ine and her two sisters Mari, 15, and Luka, 7, are not strangers to success. All have been recognized for their cello abilities.
In May 2012, Ine won for the Under 12 division in the Alberta chapter at the Canadian Music Competition and went on to compete in the National Finals near the end of June beginning of July.
Despite the impressive spring/summer success, Ine was extremely pleased to have won the Medicine Hat competition Nov. 30 and have the opportunity to perform with an orchestra.
“I was very proud of myself at the competition (in Medicine Hat) ... it’s the first time I will perform with an orchestra. When I first heard I won, I was jumping up and down,” said the humble 13-year-old.
Coetzee will prepare for the event by listening to recordings of the orchestra and studying the score of the piece she and the orchestra will play.
It’s the eighth year on the cello for the talented teenager. Coetzee is focused on the cello, but also plays piano.
“I chose the cello because it has an absolutely gorgeous sound. My older sister Mari (15) also plays the cello,” added Ine. “My parents have been listening to classical music for as long as I can remember.”
Coetzee takes part in a weekly Master’s Class at Mount Royal University in Calgary studying with highly-respected Mount Royal University Conservatory Instructor John Kadz. He has a number of out-of-town students, plus he also teaches in Toronto at the GGS RCM school so his expertise is definitely in demand.
For his part, Kadz said he has been working with Ine and her sisters for some time now and notes they are a unique group. He said the Coetzee sisters have picked a “very difficult instrument to play.”
“Ine and her sisters are all very special young ladies. Ine has been with me three years now I think. Ine is special because she plays from her heart, expressive and communicative,” explained Kadz. “I am impressed that I have the privilege of teaching all three Coetzee sisters, each unique and special in her own way.”
Ine doesn’t like current pop music “very much” and sticks to listening to classical music.
She performs at different events such as Kiwanis events in Medicine Hat as well as weddings and at their church.
To watch the Coetzee sisters in action, check out this YouTube video:

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